Today, my new book Louder Than Words releases. Writing this book took a toll on me, because the subject is something I’ve been obsessing over for the past decade and I really wanted to get it right.

Here are a few things I believe to be true:

– You will never uniquely impact the world if you spend your life building someone else’s body of work.

– The moments you will deeply regret later are those in which you chose comfort over bravery.

– If you create only for yourself, you shouldn’t be surprised when no one cares about what you make.

– Running someone else’s race will get you attention for a while, but you will always wonder what you were capable of if you’d had the courage to develop your own voice.

– Books don’t change lives, nor do ideas alone. Action does.

Don’t spend your life chasing a vapor. Don’t waste it bouncing from one comfortable place to another, hoping things work out in your favor. Commit to doing the difficult work of excavating, then utilizing your authentic voice. The journey is challenging and the hurdles are very real, but in the end you will point with pride to a body of work that represents you well. It begins now, in this moment.

Your authentic voice is a gift. How will you offer it to others today through your work?


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