Podcast: Entrepreneurial You (with Dorie Clark)

It’s one thing to build an income around a product or an idea, but it’s something entirely different to build a business. On today’s episode, Dorie Clark shares insights from her new book Entrepreneurial You. She’s going to help us think through how to develop multiple sources of revenue to grow trust, influence, and income. 

Podcast: Becoming a 10% Entrepreneur (with Patrick McGinnis)

So many creative pros spend their entire life exchanging their time and skills for money, but never gain an ownership stake in the work they do. However, some have discovered how to build a portfolio of assets that appreciates over time and gives them more freedom to pursue the work they love.

On today’s show, Patrick McGinnis discusses the concept of a 10% Entrepreneur, and how to begin making small side bets that could lead to financial and creative freedom.

Podcast: The Power Of Calling Your Own Bluff (with Julien Smith)

Julien Smith is the co-founder and CEO of Breather, a company that allows anyone to book beautiful, private, professional spaces whenever they need them. However, it’s an idea that almost didn’t happen. In this interview, Julien shares why he felt the need to launch something, why it’s important to be an “operator”, and why you need to focus on building something a few people will love rather than something a lot of people will like.

Podcast: Going All-In On Your Idea with Jane Chen

Jane Chen is the co-founder of Embrace Innovations, a company that’s created an innovative product called the Embrace Warmer. It helps mothers of pre-mature babies living in developing countries keep their baby warm at the fraction of the cost of a typical incubator, and it’s a complete game changer.

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