Podcast: Four Questions To Help You Start Your Year Right

It’s the start of a new year, and of course that means that many people are beginning to think about where they’d like their life and work to go over the coming months. It’s easy to use this season to set big goals and make big plans, but I often find that even my best plans are thrown by unexpected opportunities and obstacles. Yes, it’s important to have objectives and a strategy for executing them, but I want to challenge you to consider a roundabout way of getting to them. Instead of simply writing a list of goals, begin with a set of questions that might help you think about the upcoming year in a new way.

Podcast: 3 Leadership Skills You Need To Develop Now

Whether you lead a team or you aspire to, there are certain skills that you need to learn in order to succeed. However, some of those skills are not so intuitive. Today, I share three specific, though not-so-intuitive skills that everyone should develop whether they lead a team or simply have to collaborate with others.

Podcast: Srini Rao on Being Unmistakable

Consider a piece of work that truly stands out from the noise, whether it’s a song, a book, or a business. What makes it so remarkable? Today’s guest Srini Rao has interviewed hundreds of remarkable people, and he has compiled what he learned into a new book called Unmistakable. He shares how we can avoid the cluttered middle, and chart a course for unique impact with our work.

Podcast: Meaningful and Contributive

Ever feel disconnected from your work, or wonder if you’re making the right choices in your career and life? In today’s episode we share a simple framework for identifying activities in your life and work that will make a difference, and how to navigate closer to your “sweet spot”.

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