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  • Don't Allow Your Rituals To Become RutsSimply changing your circumstances or your productivity system might inject a measure of energy into your work and give you a boost for a short while, but that increase in output will be short-lived if you aren’t committed to an outcome.
  • AC Podcast: Chris Ducker on Overcoming "Superhero Syndrome"Do you feel a compulsive need to "do it all"? On today's episode, Chris Ducker is going to share how to learn to let go with tips from his new book Virtual Freedom.
  • AC Podcast: How To Keep Bad Ideas From Ruining a MeetingWhat do you do when someone tosses out a terrible idea in a meeting? How you handle that moment is critical in determining the vibe and productivity for the rest of the meeting. Here are some tips.
  • Are "Time Drains" Ruining Your Productivity?You have 168 hours each week. Some of those hours you will probably spend doing things you have to do, some of them doing things you choose to do, and some of them doing things simply on autopilot.


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  • Ali EdwardsHey Todd - great thoughts today. Appreciated this