We’re obsessed with action, not theory. We know that what you do matters more than what you know. That’s why our workshops are designed to challenge your team to act immediately on what they learn.

Each of the interactive workshops listed below provide your team members with an action plan for unleashing their best work. Participants will leave understanding exactly how to implement a set of practices that make them more effective each day.

Prolific, Brilliant & Healthy Culture

Offered as: 1/2 day or full-day interactive session

Is it possible for teams to produce consistently great work sustainably? This workshop is designed to provide strategies and practices that counteract common organizational pitfalls and help your team unleash its potential.


  • Understand the dynamics of creative work, the most common pitfalls, and how they affect teams
  • Learn to identify and eliminate the assassins of creativity
  • Discover specific, everyday practices that lead to long-term effectiveness
  • Understand the pillars of effective collaboration and creative leadership

 Stronger Relationships, Stronger Results

Offered as: 1/2 day session

At the heart of any organization’s effectiveness is its ability to collaborate. But creative work introduces unique pressures and tensions that create roadblocks to effective collaboration. This workshop is designed to diagnose common team-related struggles and offer strategies for building a stronger and more collaborative organization.


  • Learn the most common reasons that collaboration breaks down
  • Implement the 5 conversations that dispel workplace tension and bring alignment
  • Identify and align around your team’s core “why”
  • Discover and eliminate areas of collective fear and dissonance
  • Learn to create a culture of cross-pollination and conversation

 Building an Idea Culture

Offered as: 1/2 day or full-day session

It’s not enough to just create “on-demand” anymore. In today’s marketplace, teams need to build a culture that values ideas and is designed to generate them quickly, consistently and effectively. This workshop utilizes a pragmatic, hands-on approach to teach your team how to generate ideas when you need them most, and to help you implement repeatable systems that put the value of ideas at the heart of your organization.


  • Simple strategies for exploring all aspects of creative problems
  • Learn to use frames and horizons to think strategically about opportunities
  • See how to discover stimulus that inspires new and exciting ideas
  • Understand how to build systems and rhythms that lead to continual ideation
  • Learn how to stay out of organizational ruts


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